Richard Goldwater, MD

Richard Goldwater graduated from Columbia College and Boston University School of Medicine. He trained in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Goldwater’s training in medicine and long practice of psychiatry have informed his under-standing of motivation and interaction in personal and business life. Rather than the traditional doctrines of adaptation or “meaningful relationships”, in his view the center of psychology is the creation and gestation of a self-concept from the elements of experience. Psychotherapy serves to assist the birth and the de-veloping life of a “self”, as the sum of the life roles one plays for and with others. At Columbia College in New York City, Dr. Goldwater was careful to balance pre-med science studies with the liberal arts, leading to the conclusion: The Second Law of Thermodynamics is the Rule of Rules, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the Role of Roles. The present document describes the physical world as a set of rules. His forthcoming, “Marriage Is for Men and Divorce Is for Women” presents the psychological world as a set of roles. There is in the most intimate relationships a tension between people becoming like each other, versus developing within the relationship as autonomous individuals. Roles and Rules™ respects the asymmetry that renders intimacy difficult to fathom, as it provides a format for the creative resolution of tension. Dr. Goldwater imbibed increasing entropy at his father’s knee. The elder was a distinguished physical chemist who developed market-leading detergent products.

Arthur Jonath, PhD

Arthur Jonath’s interest in thermodynamics started with his education in Aeronautics and Astronautics and continued with his graduate work in Materials Sciences. As a sort of vacation from engineering studies while at MIT, he took the Economics Courses 14.01 and 14.02 taught by Paul Samuelson. Not quite the holiday he expected! He learned aircraft control theory from Paul Sandorff and later at Stanford studied thermodynamics under both Dave Stevenson and Walter Harrison. He has used ideas linking these three fields in his technical and management consulting practice. Dr. Jonath spent the first half of his career in research at the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratories. There he performed R&D on a wide variety of technologies, including solar energy, semiconductors, adhesives and rocket propulsion, and used examples from nature, such as echolocation in whales and compound eyes of dragonflies, in advanced weapons systems designs during the Cold War Later he was a founder of Visic, a semiconductor start-up, and then VP, Reliability & Quality As-surance for VLSI Technology, Inc. Subsequently he founded Arthur Jonath Associates (AJA) to assist in solving quality, productivity improvement and technology transfer problems. AJA has provided services to a broad range of clients, from start-up to Government Laboratory to Global 500 pharma, electronics and instrument companies. Dr. Jonath’s background also includes grand-scale failure analysis and implementation of customer satisfaction systems. He has served on the board of directors, as CEO, COO, or as Technical Advisory board member on several other start-ups. He has taught at the graduate level and was a founding member of the Manufacturing Advisory Board, School of Business, San Jose State University. In addition to his duties at AJA, he currently serves on the Advisory Board and is New Business Development Director for a new, high efficiency engine start-up, and is on the School of Engineering Advisory Board, Stanford University.


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