Case #1: WaveTech Engines, Inc. developed an Internal Combustion (IC) engine that eliminates the crankshaft and connecting rods. Simulations made from data collected on a compressed gas driven prototype show doubling IC engine efficiency is possible. 30 MPG can become 60 MPG.
Because of energy density, infrastructure and costs, IC engines will continue to be with us in huge numbers during the generations it will take to replace fossil fuels within the world’s transportation and portable power generation sectors. 
All IC engines convert approximately 25% of the energy in fuels such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas into vehicular motion. By focusing on eliminating the 75% waste (the entropy generation side of the equation) rather than on the improving on the 25% converted, WaveTech Engines, Inc. determined that the root cause of engine efficiency loss is the engine crankshaft’s inherent limitation in converting linear piston motion into useable rotary motion. (Taken from